SwingStoppers Success Stories

Hurricane Irma has produced many success stories from our customers. We have SwingStoppers systems from Merritt Island (Daytona Beach) down to Marathon and up the West Coast to Tampa. All of our systems were exercised during this storm.

Hurricane Irma showed that if your boat was secured to your lift, it can survive Hurricane force winds. Many lifts which had lines or 2 inch ratchets survived as well.

Storm Surge is always the concern. Once the surge goes over the float point of the boat something has to give.
“Water always wins…. “

SwingStoppers is in the process of reviewing all the lifts impacted by Irma’s fury so we can continue to improve our products.


Irma’s Impact

This Video was produced right after Irma by the Key Colony Beach Building Inspector. He does a great job of outlining the impact of Irma to their Key.


SwingStoppers Success Stories


32ft Intrepid – Hurricane Irma

Miami Beach, FL September 10, 2017

Hey Paul. Hope you and your family are well. All was great, I was fortunate the wind was from the south so it was parallel or such to my seawall. Surge was 2ft max, Wilma was west wind direct and way worse. Your product is great knew it years ago.
Thanks Dave


28ft Pursuit – Hurricane Irma

Hope Sound, FL September 10, 2017

SwingStoppers made locking down for Hurricane Irma easy. Boat never moved.
Thanks for a great product.
Lance R


25ft Cobia – Hurricane Irma


Key Colony Beach, FL September 10, 2017 Jump to Gallery

Hi Paul,
This is for your next ad. Big boat, NO SwingStoppers, Little boat SwingStoppers.
Thanks Gail
This customer had two lifts. One with SwingStoppers, the 25ft Cobia and the second boat without SwingStoppers.
Surge was reported at 8 Plus feet with waves on top! Imra’s Eye went across the Keys just South of this customer.


Pursuit 8-Post Lift – Hurricane Irma

Marathon, FL September 10, 2017 Jump to Gallery

Thanks to Swingstoppers my 30′ sport fishing boat survived Hurricane Irma. This was the true test of the strength of the lock down system as my eight point lift is located on a wide canal opening directly to the ocean. Reported five to six foot waves rolling in buffeted the boat and lift. No damage to my boat and no mechanical damage to my lift and pilings. Seeing the carnage that happened at many of the local storage yards convinced me that the Swingstoppers system was a great investment. Paul and Holly are great folks to work with, very responsive and there when you need them.

Bob L.
Marathon FL


33ft GradyWhite – Hurricane Irma

Duck Key, FL September 10, 2017

All around me had problems, I did great!
The Marina I was going to store my boat at had major roof damage etc.
You have a Great Product!

Frank M.


35ft Hydra-Sports – Hurricane Irma

Islamorada, FL September 10, 2017

Hi Paul,
Thanks my boat survived in Islamorada, 😀
Thanks again I feel so much better leaving my boat on the lift, granted I know I was lucky too not having the eye directly come over me, but my guess we had a 5 ft surge and 100+ mph wind. Thanks for a great product and I’m sure my insurance company appreciates it too….
Our Cove lost a couple of big boats across the way from me.


Sailfish 25ft – Hurricane Irma

Key Largo, FL September 10, 2017 Jump to Gallery

Boat is on the lift. All is good. Surge destroyed downstairs. My dock floated through the carport destroying the car. Boat and lift look good.
Thank God I had SwingStoppers.