About Us

Family photo

We’re a South Florida boating family facing the challenges of childrearing and storm survival at the same time.

While we were single, the boat was Paul’s primary responsibility when Hurricane watches began.  He spent hours perfecting the ropes to secure the boat in the middle of the canal and helping other boat owners do the same thing.  There was little to secure on condo porches and no concerns of shutters etc.  We married, house and kids followed.  The boat remained Paul’s first priority to secure.  Holly waited and worried and scurried about with outdoor toys, furniture, plants, etc., readying the house for shuttering with babies in tow.

Then came the boat lift.  It was a joy to see that speedy boaters down our canal no longer rocked our boat into the dock.  It was a disappointment to Holly, however, that Paul still spent hours determining the best way to tie the boat down and secure the cradle so the boat would not swing.  We wanted the boat secured quickly and easily enough so that Holly could do it if Paul was out of town.  Over the years we developed a way to secure the cradle to the pilings in a matter of minutes.  That was the birth of SwingStoppers.

SwingStoppers Mission

The mission of SwingStoppers is to eliminate the uncontrolled swinging of your boat and lift during storm force winds. We accomplish this by adding a brace to your lift that enables you to securely lock each corner of your lift’s cradle to its piling. SwingStoppers creates one solid structure between the four pilings and the four corners of your lift. The wind has to work much harder to impact the boat and lift with SwingStoppers engaged. Adding StormStraps, to strap your boat to your lift, completes a strong solution for storm protection.