SwingStoppers Add-ons

Catwalks & Stairs

To facilitate SwingStoppers Lockdown, we offer custom Catwalk and Stairs solutions.

We use a 16” x 3.5” x 12’ to 30’ catwalk extrusion, which provides for a very clean looking Catwalk. As the top of a boat’s gunnels are usually high off the Catwalk, we offer custom stairs to enable our customers to easily access their Catwalk. The Catwalk can even be mounted on the outside of the Pilings to extend a dock or provide an outside walkway. When space is available, we can create Custom crosswalks and stairs to access the Catwalk easily from the seawall or the dock.. We can raise existing catwalks to accommodate SwingStoppers configurations and boat accessibility as needed.

Bumpers & Piling Pad Bumper Covers

Protecting your boat is important to SwingStoppers.

We provide standard and custom bumper solutions for safe dockage in tight spaces. Let’s discuss your needs and we will create custom solutions with you.

Ladders & Piling Steps