Ship Shape TV Video

Short Video featuring SwingStoppers LLC on Ship Shape TV.

How To Measure for StormStraps 4-Post Lift

This video will show how to measure for a StormStraps for a 4-6-8 post boat lift.

The video does not cover all possible obstacles for all boat and lift configurations. If you have additional questions about your specific setup please feel free to contact us directly.

How To Install StormStraps Adjustable TieDown Points

This video will show how to install Adjustable TieDown Points (ATPs) onto your lift’s I-Beam. The process is for elevator and 4-8 post boat lifts.

These TieDown Points are used to attach the StormStraps ratchet straps, securing the boat to the lift.

How To Setup StormStraps Ratchets

This video will show how to Setup StormStraps and the placement of StrapGuards, which protect the gunnels from straps.

It also explains how a ratchet works, the parts of the ratchet and how to strap the boat to the lift.

How To Release a Ratchet

This video will show how to release a StormStraps ratchet and remove straps from the boat.

SwingStoppers Interview

SwingStoppers interview during Fort Lauderdale Boat Show by Erik Kyle, Publisher of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine.