Hurricane Ian Testimonials


SwingStoppers Success Stories

Our customers in the path of Ian & Nichole have enjoyed sharing their success stories. We have customers all along the West Coast and northern East Coast of Florida that were impacted by these late season storms, with no reported failures.

Storm Surge is always the concern. Once the surge goes over the float point of the boat something has to give. We work with our customers to install SwingStoppers above historic flood levels.
“Water always wins…. “

Hurricane Ian Success Stories


Naples, FL

September 30, 2022

“I might have the only boat in Naples to have survived the storm.”

– Sean C.

Mark’s boat with SwingStoppers.
Neighbor's boat without SwingStoppers.
Neighbor’s boat without SwingStoppers.

N Fort Myers, FL

September 30, 2022

“My boat survived Ian. Thanks for designing a good system. My neighbor’s boat didn’t fair as well.”

– Mark T.

Tom’s boat with SwingStoppers.
Neighbor’s boat without SwingStoppers.

N Fort Myers, FL.

September 30, 2022

“Hello Swingstoppers, I’ve got to say the swing was stopped!!!”

– Tom S.

Port Charlotte, FL

September 30, 2022

“…The Eye Passed over us around 12 noon with winds of 155MPH. We had 7 hours of hell and 2.5 hrs of beyond hell. BUT, with the help of SwingStoppers, our 26FT Grady Islander remained perfect on the lift. I cannot thank you enough for getting the system to me in time. As we look around the canal and Harbor and see the destruction on not just property but so many boats, we just are so thankful we contacted you and Paul. You saved our pride and joy. Thank you sooooo much…”

– Dean & Laura

Cape Coral, FL

September 30, 2022

“SwingStoppers worked flawlessly for Ian. Eye wall passed only 1 mile west of us. One of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

– Neil P.

Cape Coral, FL

September 30, 2022

“I am okay! Boat rock solid. Storm surge reached 1 ft from stern deck, but stopped. No flood.”

– Deborah S.

Here’s what can happen without SwingStoppers.

Hurricane Ian – St Petersburg, FL September 30, 2022

Protect your boat and lift for the next storm with SwingStoppers.

If this boat had SwingStoppers, the cradle would have been bolted to the 4 pilings creating a frame. The pilings would not have been able to fall over, independent of the cradle, causing the lift to fail.

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Hurricane Ian Testimonials


Punta Gorda, FL

September 30, 2022

“Hi Holly, this is Chris W. in Punta Gorda. Just wanted to let you know my boat made it through the eye of Ian unscathed. No surge here, but still so many boats blown off their lifts, collapsed lifts, etc. I hadn’t previously had to lock down the boat since you modified the system for my new lift, yet I still found it so easy to do. I don’t know for sure if it was the SwingStoppers that saved my boat, but I’m sure they were a contributing factor and it certainly gave me peace of mind during the storm.”

– Chris W.

Rocklege, FL

September 30, 2022

“I secured the system for hurricane Ian. This was my first time installing it after you installed it. The install was easy and took me about an hour and a half. I know now I can do it faster after figuring it out. It worked fantastic. 3 boats near me came off their lifts and are stuck on land. One jet ski is missing. I guess it floated away. We had no issues even with the high water which was about 4 feet over normal levels. So thank you for your product.”

– Scott O.

Marathon, FL

September 30, 2022

“Hey Holly…it’s Sam Just wanted to pass along to you and Paul that we used the system…ended up not needing fortunately….and it went together and came apart with such ease…truly a well thought out product”

– Sam S.

Stuart, FL

September 30, 2022

“Hi Holly. Just a thanks. The device that was installed, worked great during the storm. Thank you very much”

– Mark B.

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