How LiftGuardian Works

LiftGuardian’s detachable S-hook connects the upper and lower supports. Lowering the lift engages the hook. Once engaged, if your cables are cut, LiftGuardian continues to support your boat and lift.

All LiftGuardian parts are fabricated from stainless steel. We powdercoat them for additional protection from corrosion.  LiftGuardian is a custom device.  Careful measurements will be needed to fabricate your anti-theft LiftGuardian.



Upper Support Bracket:

The Upper Support Bracket surrounds the boatlift’s cable winders and extends a 1-1/2″  solid stainless steel rod below the winders to hang the hook.

Safety Hook:

The Safety Hook completes the duplication of the cable connection from the cable winder to the boatlift cradle.  The hook can be fabricated multiple ways, according to your preference.  When the upper and lower connectors are open, like a C, the hook is totally removable from the lift.  We can substitute a closed connector at the top end to permanently secure the hook to the lift.  With the closed upper connector, the lower hook swings away to disconnect.

Lower Support Bracket:

The Lower Support Bracket secures to the boatlift’s cradle beam at the cable pulley.  To engage LiftGuardian, the Security Hook catches the 1-1/2″ solid stainless steel rod staged above the pulley.

Security Hardware:

All possible connections are welded at fabrication.  Security hardware, requiring custom sockets, are secured at installation.  Standard tools will not disassemble LiftGuardian.


Optional ABLOY locking devices can be engaged to prevent the hook from disconnecting by manually lifting the lift.  The lock has a shroud covering the shank, preventing bolt cutters from breaching the lock.

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