On quote sheet what is meant by “Measure the distance between pulley and white Pole.”

For our standard Options we require 7inches between the edge to the piling and the edge of the white pole. The best way to measure this distance is to Pin a piece of string to one piling and run it to the far piling. (Pull Tight) Now you can measure the distance between the string and the mounting bracket of the white pole.

What happens if I do not have any space from piling to the white pole?

We have an Option that provides a modified Cradle Bracket that will enable us to place the white pole on top of the Cradle Bracket, eliminating the space limitation.

My Boat lift has an angled Cradle I-Beam. Will SwingStoppers work on my lift?

Yes we have an option that will enable us to accommodate the angle.

Will you ship within the US?

YES, we have a shipping Company that helps us ship within the Unites States.

Will you ship overseas?

YES, we have a shipping Company that helps us ship to the Bahamas and South America.

What tools will I need to install SwingStoppers?

You will need:

  • Philips Screwdriver
  • 9/16 Wrench
  • 9/16 Socket
  • Drill
  • Drill bit 5/16? (Used for Pilot holes for 3/8 lags)

Will SwingStoppers work on a 6 piling lift?

Yes, SwingStoppers can be installed on 6-Piling lifts. The installation process may become more complicated because the three pilings need to be in a straight line. The more the pilings are misaligned the more complicated the install.

On 6-Piling lifts how do we correct for misalignment of the pilings?

You will need to build up one of the Piling Pads. Our solution is 2×6 or 1×6 pressurized wood behind one of the Piling Pads.

How do I measure the misalignment on our 6-Piling lift?

Place your SwingStopper I-Beam on the lifts cradle arm I-Beams. Push the SwingStoppers I-Beam against the Piling. Measure the gap between the piling and the SwingStoppers I-Beam.