On 6-Piling lifts how do we correct for misalignment of the pilings?

You will need to build up one of the Piling Pads. Our solution is 2×6 or 1×6 pressurized wood behind one of the Piling Pads.

How do I measure the misalignment on our 6-Piling lift?

Place your SwingStopper I-Beam on the lifts cradle arm I-Beams. Push the SwingStoppers I-Beam against the Piling. Measure the gap between the piling and the SwingStoppers I-Beam.

What is a Piling Pad?

A Piling Pad is a component used in SwingStoppers unique storm protection system. Mounted to each piling, a Piling Pad connects the I-Beam to the piling via a simple swinging u-bolt connection. The Piling Pad allows for a quick connect/disconnect of the I-Beam and the piling.

I have an Elevator lift. Will SwingStoppers work on our lift?

NO, Elevator lifts do not swing like cradle lifts do in a storm. SwingStoppers only supports 4, 6 or 8 Piling Cradle Arm Boat lifts. I.E. lifts that hang from wire at 4 points.

Do SwingStoppers work on a boat lift with Concrete Pilings?

YES, Our system will work on concrete piling in the same way as wood pilings. The only difference will be how we attach the SwingStoppers to the Pilings.