How StormStraps works

How it works

SwingStoppers products are designed with your investments in mind

In the initial phase of selling SwingStoppers, the topic of how to secure your boat to your lift came up often. We always recommended using cargo straps but we did not have a recommendation on how to secure the straps to the lift without the hassle of surrounding the entire boat and lift.

To fill this need we developed StormStraps, which include Adjustable Tiedown Points (ATPs), 2 ratchet straps and StrapGuards. The ATPs can easily be installed onto your lifts I-Beams and adjusted as needed. These Tiedown Points will give you an easy and secure place to connect the J-hooks of the ratchet straps.

The StormStraps design installs by sandwiching around your I-Beam in keeping with our philosophy that add-on hardware to an existing lift should not require drilling of holes through the lift.  Many lift warranties are voided if holes are drilled into the lift, because each hole could weaken the I-Beam and the potential for premature failure grows.

How it works

We fabricate custom straps, using 2 inch strapping that has no dye, to eliminate bleeding into your gelcoat. Each strap has a rating of 10,000 lbs breaking strength and 3,333 lbs working load. We also provide flexible PVC StrapGuards to protect the gunnels.

Our goal is to place the ratchet just inside the Cockpit. This allows the ratchet to pull evenly from both sides of the boat and enables you to ratchet your straps from the deck of the boat. This ratchet placement is not always possible because from the lifts beam up over the boat does not always have a clear path.

We create custom lengths ratchets, short or long to optimize the ease of ratcheting the strap. We also have options to attach to the pilings instead of the lifts Beam, which will move the strap forward allowing strap to clear obstacles on the boat.
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How it works
Ratchet Strap:

We use steel ratchets; because we learned during our development phase that stainless steel ratchets cost 4 times more and were half as strong. We offer the option to powder coat the steel ratchets to help prolong their effectiveness. This is an excellent option for customers who leave the ratchets secured all summer long.


ATP – Adjustable Tie-Down Points. Shown here are for I-Beam cradle lifts. We also have ATPs that will work on a Box Beam cradle.

SwingStoppers I-Beam:

SwingStoppers I-Beams extend from piling to piling on both the port and starboard sides of the lift.
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Brace Yourself for
the next Hurricane!

Hurricane Irene Success Story

In 2010 we installed five SwingStoppers systems with StormStraps on Scotland Cay, a private island in the Abaco’s. On August 20, 2011, the eye of Hurricane Irene went right over Scotland Cay with sustained winds of 140 mph with higher gusts. Our five boats secured with SwingStoppers had no damage, while other unprotected lifts in the marina where blown apart, causing lifts to fail and collapse.