How SwingStoppers Works

Secure your Boat Lift to your pilings for Hurricanes

SwingStoppers is a unique, new product designed to quickly and easily secure your cradle lift and boat for hurricane conditions.

The mission of SwingStoppers is to eliminate the uncontrolled swinging of your boat and lift during storm force winds.  We accomplish this by adding a brace to your lift that enables you to securely lock each corner of your lift’s cradle to its piling.  SwingStoppers creates one solid structure between the four pilings and the four corners of your lift.  The wind has to work much harder to impact the boat and lift with SwingStoppers engaged.  Adding StormStraps, to strap your boat to your lift, completes a strong solution for storm protection.

Secure your Boat Lift to your pilings for Hurricanes
SwingStoppers I-Beam:

SwingStoppers I-Beams extend from the outside of the bow piling to the outside of the stern piling on both the port and starboard sides of the lift.


Adjustable Tie-down Points (ATP’s) are added to the lift for easily securing ratchet straps. Read More

Piling Pad:

Piling Pads are mounted on all 4 pilings. Each has a swinging U-Bolt. In preparation for Storm Lockdown the U-Bolt swings around the SwingStoppers I-Beam.  This allows the Piling Pad washer plate to be installed and secured to the Piling Pad, using locking nuts.  This is repeated on all 4 corners of the lift.

Unbolt & Swing Away to Unlock:

When not in use, remove the locknuts and swing the U-Bolt toward the dock. U-Bolts keep out of the way, allowing for uninterrupted every day use of your lift.

Brace Yourself for
the next Hurricane!

FEA Modeling to confirm:  Secure your Cradle Lift to your pilings for Hurricanes

Structural Analysis was performed on SwingStoppers Storm Protection System using Finite Element Analysis, FEA. The Computerized Structural Analysis shows that SwingStoppers can withstand Category 5 Hurricane conditions. This means the SwingStoppers components will not be the first thing to fail during a storm.  As we all know, Mother Nature can’t be completely stopped when her mind is made up!

Click here to read the full Structural Analysis report.

Hurricane Irene Success Story

In 2010 we installed five SwingStoppers systems with StormStraps on Scotland Cay, a private island in the Abaco’s. On August 20, 2011, the eye of Hurricane Irene went right over Scotland Cay with sustained winds of 140 mph with higher gusts. Our five boats secured with SwingStoppers had no damage, while other unprotected lifts in the marina were blown apart, causing lifts to fail and collapse.

Once SwingStoppers is installed it becomes quick and easy to secure your Boat Lift to your pilings for Hurricanes.