34ft Pursuit – Hurricane Matthew


Merritt Island, FL October 8, 2016

Good morning Paul and Holly and thank you! Because we are on a barrier island we were under mandatory evacuation and the access road to our house wasn’t re-opened til 3:30 PM yesterday, we remain without power.

We spent the better part of Wednesday before being evacuated installing your equipment. Our understanding is that the highest recorded sustained wind speed by our house was 80 mph with gust to 90 mph and that it persisted for 3 to 4 hours as the storm was on top of us. The storm surge came 15 to 20 feet into our yard. Attached are two photos from yesterday afternoon showing that the boats and the dock appear to have fared very well and the storm surge waterline into the yard, not sure how much the water level actually rose.

SwingStoppers is a success story from our perspective. While it is the first time since the installation that we’ve had to use it, there is no doubt in our minds that if not for your equipment we would have lost the dock and the boats.

Thank you, Bob & Gail

33ft GradyWhite – Hurricane Matthew


Vero Beach, FL October 8, 2016 Jump to Gallery

Dear SwingStoppers,

With the SwingStoppers’ wind protection solution installed on my 20,000 lbs lift for my 33′ Grady White (Vero Beach), we rode out Hurricane Matthew with increased confidence. We’ve previously been able to avoid unnecessary early haul-out decisions, hassle, and expenditures of other land-based solutions. But prior to Hurricane Matthew skirted the coast, we activated the SwingStoppers solution and waited like everyone else. I’m pleased to report that we had no damage. Initially, the storm was headed directly for our coastal community and we were at least satisfied that we had done all we could to safeguard our boat, Low Key.. Fortunately, Matthew ended up passing further from shore than anticipated, That said, you likely have or will soon receive inquiries from adjacent Marina slip owners as several noticed the enhanced protection that we had and they quickly understood the value of a SwingStoppers solution. Good job on the engineering and custom fit….

Keith T.
Low Key

32ft Intrepid – Hurricane Matthew

Pompano Beach, FL October 8, 2016

Hi this is Chance. I had the opportunity to deploy your SwingStoppers during Matthew. Easy to install. While my neighbors were struggling I was done. Thanks for setting up such a unique and easy kit.

Chance K

25ft Boat Elevator – Hurricane Matthew

Pompano Beach, FL October 8, 2016

I am very glad we missed Matthew’s fury…
We really can’t thank you enough for going above and beyond to get our boat secure and put our minds at ease during the impending storm! We will most definitely be recommend you and your company to other boaters! .

Thanks again.
Stephanie B

34ft YellowFin 4 piling lift with Catwalks


Ft Lauderdale, FL April 2007 Jump to Gallery

To Whom It May Concern:

While I was at the FL Boat show I came across the SwingStoppers Storm Solution and was impressed with its strength and simplicity.

The initial site visit identified unique needs for my lift since I have catwalks on both sides. I also mentioned that the catwalks were flexing significantly because of the long distance they extend from the lift. This had been a cause of concern for me. We were able to come up with an effective SwingStoppers solution, mounting the I-beam just below the catwalks. Paul also designed a supporting brace, mounted from the SwingStoppers bottom plate; that successfully reduced the undesirable catwalk flex.

As an additional service, Paul provided white piling ramps to better blend the SwingStoppers system to my white dock and PVC covered pilings,

So far it has been a good experience working with SwingStoppers. I heartily recommend this solution to my fellow boaters. Although I am not looking forward to our next Storm warning, I know that I am well prepared for a speedy, effective lockdown.


Bob H.

33ft GradyWhite 4 piling lift


Marathon, Florida Keys July 2008 Jump to Gallery

To Whom It May Concern:

I received a SwingStoppers flyer from a friend who visited the SwingStoppers booth at a local Nautical Flea Market. He was enthusiastic about their products so I decided to call and find out more information. I was soon to leave on an extended trip, and was anxious to secure my boat, located in the path of frequent hurricanes, for the duration of the summer.

Between my phone conversations with Paul, I reviewed the website, www.SwingStoppers.com. I was delighted to find that my 33 foot Grady White had been SwingStoppers’ test vessel for their Computerized Structural Testing. I was very impressed with the visual strength of the design. I remembered my usual concerns about leaving the boat and looked forward to a strong and simple lockdown for the hurricane season.

There was little time, however, before our departure. Paul and I spoke on the phone and discussed our options. Realizing the timing constraints, SwingStoppers, was able to come to my location just 4 days after we spoke, equipped with the parts necessary for the installation. Paul and Holly were easy to work with. They installed the system and explained how it all works. We did a trial lockdown before they left.

We discussed several ratcheting options for the ATP’s, Adjustable Tie-down Points. We decided on a different strap setup than over the phone. so they mailed me the remaining straps to complete the job. Their prompt response and USPS Priority mail ensured the straps arrived before our departure date.

For the final lockdown, I really like the pouch they provided with additional parts and supplies. I clipped it right to my belt while navigating my lift. Now, there are no problems locking down my lift. My boat and lift with SwingStoppers and ATP’s engaged looks very strong and secure.

Loyal A. Eldrdige

22ft SunDeck – Customer Installation


Anna Maria, FL December 2015 Jump to Gallery


I was able to complete the job to my satisfaction. It certainly looks like it will do the job if I have to lock the boat up for a storm. All the parts supplied were well designed and beautifully fabricated. I appreciate that you were always available and able to provide support when I had questions. I will recommend your company highly to my friends here who are interested in saving their boats should we experience a hurricane.

Thanks again.

40ft Magnum 8 piling lift


Miami Beach, FL September 2008 Jump to Gallery

Dear Fellow Boater,

When Hurricane Wilma hit Miami Beach, I had a very hard time watching my boat swinging in the wind on the lift. I actually moved to a different room so I would stop looking out the window. So, when I came across SwingStoppers at the Pompano Beach Nautical Flea Market, I was pleased and intrigued. Hurricane Wilma proved that a sturdy solution was required. I wanted a Storm Protection plan that would be strong and easy! The people at SwingStoppers had the solutions for me.

When my insurance company asked me how I was going to protect my boat during a storm, I showed them the SwingStoppers system and they were totally satisfied with the solution. I highly recommend SwingStoppers and StormStraps for boaters who love the convenience of their boat in the backyard on a lift. SwingStoppers lockdown provides the needed protection when hurricanes threaten, without any big hassles.

Many thanks to Paul and Holly Warters!


Steven C.